The Color Run Misuse of Photographer Picture

It all started in 2012 when Maxwell Jackson a college student in Miami, Florida attended a Color Run event to photograph what is consider “known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet” according to The Color Run website.

After Maxwell took pictures of the 5k event, he upload his pictures to his Facebook page, Max’s Photography. He was then contacted by Scott Winn who manages the photography and videography for The Color Run. You can see believe the message.

colorrun max jackson

So, Max and Scott went on with a conversation that happen through Facebook. Max sent Scott some of his Color Run pictures with the understanding of receiving credit on Facebook.

Fast forward to July 2013, when Max walks into Sports Authority in Pennsylvania and seen his Color Run picture on advertisements, such as a flyers and display banner with no credit given to him, Maxwell Jackson.

Mr. Jackson contacts Color Run Owner and Founder, Travis Lyman Snyder explaining the situation and asking for compensation in return. In response, Travis Lyman Snyder says, “I would rather spend fiver thousands dollars on lawyers than be extorted by you”

The Color Run have remove the ability to comment on their fan page. The only way you can comment at all, is to comment to Color Run’s status updates. If you comment about Maxwell Jackson situation, Color Run will post a link back to The Color Run’s website to a page where Color Run Owner and Founder Travis Snyder,  made an internet response to his side of the story.

I found out about Maxwell Jackson and the misuse of Color Run pictures by a photographer posting a link to on Facebook. Color Run Owner and Founder Travis Snyder email a response to Maxwell. Which you can see for yourself, it’s the same internet response posted on The Color Run’s website.  The Color Run responds to Fstoppers.

Maxwell Jackson is keeping a blog, The Color Run Sued Me? You can read all about it, from the initial contact with Scott Winn, who manages the photography and videography for The Color Run, the original letter Mr. Jackson sent to Mr. Snyder and anything in between and all of Mr. Jackson’s updates.

Maxwell Jackson also has a fund me page, The Color Run is Sueing Me. By clicking that link, you can read all about why The Color Run is sueing Mr. Jackson. Although, Mr. Jackson should be the one who receives compensation.

My opinion about the whole situation.

1. Maxwell Jackson should have never gave high resolution pictures to Scott Winn. You never hand over high resolution pictures to anyone unless you are getting some kind of compensation.

2. I understand The Color Run wanting all pictures taken at The Color Run events to all look the same, with having The Color Run logo on all pictures. I have ran the Dirty Girl event, and they do the same thing, with Dirty Girl logo. However, I also do believe that photographer’s should be allowed to keep their name on their pictures. Max, should have never taken his watermark off his pictures.

3. As a photographer myself, I could just imagine how Maxwell Jackson felt when walking into Sports Authority and seeing the picture he took being used as advertisements and never knowing about it. The letter Mr. Jackson wrote to Mr. Travis Synder, I think was professional. Asking for $100,000 is a good amount. Considering Mr. Jackson’s pictures were only suppose to be on Facebook and given credit, now his pictures are print and web ads. Some people may think his demands are a little high. I give Maxwell Jackson a lot of credit with that letter. You have to push the button when it comes to companies, otherwise they will walk all over you.

There is three sides to a story. Maxwell Jackson’s story. The Color Run’s story. The truth.

No matter what, The Color Run took this too far. Pictures that were for Facebook only, they used for advertising without compensating the photographer, Maxwell Jackson.

2/18/2014 UPDATE:

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