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CW Wildlife Collection Wildlife Photography Browse through the Wildlife Collection to view animals of the wild. You’ll find wolves and coyotes. Bison (buffalo)  that roam Lamar valley.  Black bears  and grizzly bears from Yellowstone National Park. Elk with large antlers. Cute foxes and even beautiful butterflies. You can also view …

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! 6 more weeks of Winter Punxsutawney Phil says, more winter.  But in all honesty the groundhog doesn’t get a chance to see his shadow. They pull him out of his hole so quickly. Plus, Pennsylvania had a snowstorm come through making it a very overcast day for …

My morning with a Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis by Crystal Wightman

This morning I look out the kitchen window and there sits a praying mantis. So I grab my camera and headed outdoors. Took a couple shots on the window.

The window just wasn’t a good enough background.  With the beautiful garden I have, I figure what better place then on a flower. So I grab a piece of paper and nudge the praying mantis onto the paper. As I started to walk, the wind blew and the praying mantis landed on my shirt. So of course I took advantage of this and took pictures. You would think this would be easy, because it’s very close to me and I had my macro lens. However, it wasn’t easy. The praying mantis landed on my stomach, and well I had other body parts in the way to which I had to move, so I could continue to photograph it. So this is what I got.. What do you think?

Praying Mantis by Crystal Wightman

I continue walking across my deck, down the steps and into the garden. By the time I got down the steps, it was crawling up, so I got it in my hands and placed it on a near by burning bush.

Praying Mantis by Crystal Wightman

After several shots there, it was just camouflaging too much and hiding under leaves. So before it could really hide on me. I picked it up and placed it on beautiful purple flowers. Thanks to the wind moving the flowers and praying mantis. I only got a few shots, before he took off on me.

Praying Mantis by Crystal Wightman

What do you think of my Praying Mantis? Do you have a story you like to share while taking pictures of a praying mantis? Share your pictures and Comments below. I would like to hear. I don’t personally see a lot of Praying Mantises around, but when I do, I have to take their pictures and show the world.

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